Non Academic

Youth Parliament

Each class selects their own representatives to work for their needs and demands. This is to inculcate love towards his fellow beings, loyalty, Service to others, discipline, truthfulness and generosity. These representatives are headed by Prime Minister, who is also elected through voting.


Scout & Guide

Youth service is an important project to build a strong nation. Our teachers train them to develop physical, intellectual, Social and Spiritual potential. We are proud to say that our students have received “” RAJYA PURASKAR” the fifth stage award in their progressive training.


Students of class 7-9 can be enrolled as JRC volunteers. They are always dynamic and ready for service. Our school has a tie-up with Rotary club and Lions club of Puliangudi in serving the poor and nursing the sick.

  • They attend Health camps in and around Puliangudi.
  • Go for rallies and Human chain to bring awareness of AIDS, DRUGS, ROAD SAFETY.
  • Planting trees are followed regularly.
  • They have donated for Disaster relief fund also.