school building-new

  • Our School is supportive to improve students’ academic performance by giving them a quality infrastructure.
  • Spacious and sophisticated Class rooms.
  • Well equipped and maintained Science lab and Computer lab.
  • Library with a vast collection of books in both Tamil & English and consists of Question banks.
  • Claen campus and toilet.
  • Purified drinking water.
  • Healthy and hygienic Mid-day meal.
  • Yearly twice health check-ups.
  • Teaching Learning Materials(TLM) to enhance Students’ potentialities.
  • Smart Class rooms with edu.comp classes.
  • Safety measures with proper fire extinguishers.
  • Big playground with a lot of sports activities.
  • Indoor play things from Pre-Primary to High School level like Climbers, Slides, Swings, Park-bench..